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Zespół Muzyczny Fokus 220z

Fokus BAND was formed in 1999 in Nysa. For over 18 years IT has been continuously and successfully PLAYING on all kinds of occasional events (including international ones); such as weddings, proms, New Year’s Eve PARTIES, events, banquets, festivities and carnival parties.
The enormous repertoire of the band includes hundreds of songs from various genres of dance music, Polish and foreign, from the crazy 70’s and 80’s to the latest hits from radio charts.
The team also PROVIDES attractive games and competitions, of course UP TO THE MARK (i.e. without obscene and not elegant elements), so that every participant of the event has experienced unforgettable moments.
The musicians introduce a unique atmosphere to each music using modern sound and lighting equipment that gives colorful and original effects.
Fokus BAND is a mix of experience and youth; impeccable appearance; reliability and professionalism! That is: A GUARANTEE OF SUCCESSFUL FUN! If you like, WE can also play for you!


Tomasz – MC – keyboard, guitar, accordion, vocal – graduated of the State Music School in Nysa, the leader and founder of the band with many years of experience.

Krzysiek – trumpet, keyboard, vocal – graduated of the State Music School in Nysa and the State Higher Vocational School in Nysa at the Faculty of Jazz – a great musician who introduces a unique atmosphere to each event.

Karina – a talented vocalist with many years of experience on the Polish and international scene.

The group PLAYS throughout the country and not only

We invite you WARMLY to cooperation!